dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Why I stared the NFR

Just stared up NFR (Not For Rent) How will hopefully have a possessive influence. Against women and child abuse in the near future. some may think that this is a bit overdramatic of me to do this. but those probably didn't have seen what i did. And not that it is all hell on earth of something like that. But the thing is when you google things like Thailand you see a lot of unwanted associations with sex tourism with it. And even when you speak about it with people. And that's terrible because when you go to visit it and go to see the Thai culture you won't notice it really. And that makes me think it was a exaggerated story. but when our trip true thailand ended. we had a 2 days in Pattaya for the "beach". And I have never seen something so inhumane. the smiles and joy in live I saw before was replaced with emotionless and sad faces. And a lot of older male tourist walking hand in hand with a younger thai girls. some times even dragging them away like they have nothing to say. A lot are standing in a row at for condoms at shops, and at the bank for money. And the hole day driving old man on scooters with girls on there back looking like there was nothing to live for. And that broke something inside me it makes me so sad. That take me a will to recover from that. Because I couldn't believe the inhumane things like that are even happening in this scale and the hole day long. And of course I knew from tv programs that this is not the only place. But this is a world wide problem. And the second this was i couldn't forgive my self for not doing anything. I just walk there and watch it happen all the time. Just thinking what could make a difference. And I failed to figure it out that year. but his year was i walking in Chiang Mai and there it was a little sicker with the text "Real men don't Buy girls" and I don't know how did it but it was a sign to me. Because I shared the felling. And I knew there was some one else how had the same mind set. so if something simple as that can give a possessive effect on me. And maybe a negative feeling to some sex tourist that they are unwelcome its worth the effort. and maybe its a bit to ambitious but I was thinking to make T-shirts with the Illustrations on it. So people how feel the same or just like them can ware them. so it can communicate even to more people that a sticker or other image could. And to make it even better that a large amount of the money can go to different how support this course. but time will see how things will go