Other Sources

I want to start off with this when you see something in the news or somebody on youtube or a documentary there always a filter on it in some way. I mean some are for the other group some shine a better light on the other. and some maybe just roomers or conspiracies

so to in order to give your self a sense of truth. its important to wacht more documentaries and things like that so see whats your view on that subject.

I know this site is not so much about war but i saw it today again something about it. And it still Corruption, and considered to me as true war crimes. that seems to be tolerated or simply ignored by the world like most of these type of Problems.

this could be a good explanation why Gaza war crimes are so secretive and are unheard off
The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime! - By David Duke (YT)
this movie's clames the involvement of
Israel Betrays America into War with Iran - By David Duke (YT)
this the First thing I have seen about this one Discovery once
Ross Kamp - Middle East 2009 Part 1 - Gaza - jenny yeats (Vimeo)
here aslo the victims on the War of Gaza
Children suffer in Israel's war on Gaza - 15 Jan 09 - AlJazeeraEnglish (YT)
radio about Iran invasion
Iran "Threat" Myth Grows to New Heights